Staging and Decorating 101

Here are a few things that I do in my home and wanted to share with you about staging your home to get it SOLD! Or you may just need some decorating tips to make your house feel like a home!

1. When in doubt, paint your walls a neutral color and decorate with a pop of color!

2. Don’t fill a room with stuff just because. It will become cluttered. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a place.

3. Rob Peter to pay Paul…use old toys and containers to decorate. Put all the extra trinkets and stuff on a table and mix it up to create new decorations.

4. Use books to decorate, but take the paper covers off first. Stack them, lean them, and set them out on display. Put decor on top of them to make the decor different heights. Old Reader’s Digest add great color and patterns to a shelf or table.

5. Reuse old stuff in unexpected ways. For example, use an old tool box on the coffee table with greenery in it, use an old coke crate standing up on its side for a back drop, or use a mason jar to store pens and pencils.

6. Group things in odd numbers such as groups of 1, 3 and 5.

7. When you’re traveling think about art. The goal is to make your home about you! It should reflect who you are and your life experiences! Then your home will be full of people, places and things that are meaningful to you!

8. If you love it, get it! Buy trinkets and use them in unexpected ways. It adds “interest” in your home! Be creative! Don’t be afraid to mix old and new! If you’re sick of it, change it up!

9. Don’t use one theme throughout a room. Change it up and mix colors, patterns and materials. Don’t buy bedroom suits in sets. Mix and match to create character!

Have fun when you’re decorating! Be on the look out everywhere you go! You might find some new, neat stuff! Then own it!

Back 2 School and book bag storage!

The summer break is on a down hill slide and all I can think about is how much I love mud benches and hall trees! I also like to keep my house tidy and organized. Book bags thrown on the floor when we walk in from school drive me nuts, too! Here are some creative and easy hall trees that you could build in your home to keep up with the book bag chaos. Some people put them in the laundry room, others by the front door, and some in the garage. I love how one person used an old, church pew for seating, another used shiplap for character,  chalk board for personalization and another used rusted, corrugated metal for depth. Or you could just buy a cubby storage shelf from Ikea to make it really easy.  I just HAD to share a couple pictures that I found and that have me dreaming about mud benches!


Five beautiful homes open either Saturday or Sunday this weekend! To find out more information on any one of these listings, give us a call at 405.330.2626. Thanks, and HAPPY WEEKEND!

Crazy Tile!

What do you think about the new tile fad with busy and colorful tile on the bathroom floors, on the kitchen floors and on back splashes? I love some of it and others I could do without. I think the bright and colorful backsplash is pretty, but I am not sure that I could pull it off decor wise. I love the grays and white designs for floor tile in the bathroom or for the kitchen backsplash though. Which one is your favorite? 

Beautiful Acreage for Sale in Okalahoma City!

The entrance to your future home!! 48 acres of grassy hills, scattered trees, plus a gorgeous 16+ acre lake fully stocked with bass and catfish! Beautiful land offering rural living at it’s finest with just the right amount of larger trees and open pastures. The land is partially fenced with existing homes nearby on well and septic. This hilly terrain would be perfect for acreage building sites overlooking the lake or a single family home. If building a permanent home, there are excellent locations either in the middle of one of the sweeping meadows or tucked in close to the lake. Incredible opportunity to own part of a lake at a very reasonable price! It’s right off of SE 134th and Sooner in Oklahoma City. This is also a good place for a developer or to just hold it for an investment. Great location within 5 minutes to the highway, shopping and restaurants!

Click here for a virtual tour!

Happy Independence Day!

What a blessing it is to live in a country where dreams can actually come true! We feel so very fortunate to call ourselves American and celebrate on this day our independence and freedom. Not everyone in this world gets to experience freedom like we do, and we owe it to the founding fathers of our country and other men and women who have made sacrifices to make this nation great!

We hope you take some time today to give thanks for the many freedoms and privileges you enjoy! The RED Team hopes you have a wonderful day celebrating with those you love…..Happy 4th of July!

GREAT Line-Up of Open Houses this Sunday!

Do you enjoy looking at open houses? If so, we have five gorgeous homes for you to preview this weekend! All homes are located in Edmond and each have character of their own. Stop by anytime between 2pm-4pm this Sunday for your own personal tour! Enjoy!

8411 Redbud Creek Dr
Edmond, OK 73034
4 bedrooms – 4 bathrooms – 3640 sqft – 1.78 acres

Click here for a virtual tour!

640 Belmar Dr
Edmond, OK 73025
4 bedrooms – 2.1 bathrooms – 3135 sqft – Edmond Schools

Click here for a virtual tour!

805 Rock Hollow Rd
Edmond, OK 73034
4 bedrooms – 2.1 bathrooms – 2616 sqft – Edmond Schools

Click here for a virtual tour!

8411 Redbud Creek Dr
Edmond, OK 73034
4 bedrooms – 4 bathrooms – 3640 sqft – 1.78 acres

Click here for a virtual tour!

8411 Redbud Creek Dr
Edmond, OK 73034
4 bedrooms – 4 bathrooms – 3640 sqft – 1.78 acres

Click here for a virtual tour!


Which home loan option is right for me?

If you’re shopping for a home, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be paying $350,000 in cash. That means you’re probably going to be looking for a loan soon, but there are just so many! With all of the options out there today you should know that not all loans are created equal, and that different situations benefit from different loans. Let’s take a look at just a few, 4 to be exact.

1. Fixed Rate Loan

This is the most common type of loan and is pretty simple to understand. It describes one fixed interest rate and monthly payment for the duration of the loan, usually 15-30 years. This loan is great for the predictable Pete’s in the crowd, because you will pay X dollars a month for Y years and changing interest rates don’t affect you in any way. This loan is great for those who plan on staying in a home for most of the loan repayment period

2. Adjustable Rate Mortgage

If staying put for 15-30 years isn’t exactly in your plans, you may want to consider an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. An ARM works by having a set time frame where your interest rate is fixed, but after that period runs out the interest rates will adjust to the current interest rate about once a year.  The advantage to this is you can typically get an ARM at a lower interest rate than an FRL, which would make it beneficial to someone who didn’t want stay put after their fixed rate period is up. They are also great for those with poor credit because they can sometimes have trouble securing a good rate on an FRL.

3. Federal Housing Administration

Loans can sometimes require a down payment of 20% of the purchase price of your home and for some that isn’t doable. Enter the FHA loan. The FHA loan can be obtained for as little as a 3.5% down payment with the catch being most loans are limited to $417,000, are on a 15-30 year fixed payment schedule, and require the borrower to pay mortgage insurance which hovers around 1% of the loan amount.

4. VA Loan

If you’ve served in the military (90 days in a row during wartime, 180 days in row during peace time, or 6 years in the reserves), you have the option to apply for a Veterans Affairs loan. A VA loan is great because it has no down payment and no mortgage insurance requirements. As far as your home goes though, you do have some restrictions. It has to be your primary residence and it has to meet minimum property requirements.

Financing a house can be a tricky business in terms of knowing how to come out on top while doing it. Between all these different loans, it can get pretty frustrating and overwhelming. We hope we cleared up a few smaller things on these specific loans, and if you ever have any other questions make sure to ask us or your financing officer! There could be an even better option out there for you, and the RED Team is dedicated to helping you find it!

-Kim, Terra, and Kiley

FOUR Open Houses this Weekend!

Stop by on Sunday from 2pm – 4pm for your own personal tour of these lovely homes! Let us know what you think!!

13200 Englewood Ln
Edmond, OK 73013
3 bedrooms – 2.1 bathrooms – 2177 sqft
**Also open on Saturday from 2pm – 4pm**

Click here for a virtual tour!

2725 Century Dr
Edmond, OK 73013
4 bedrooms – 3.1 bathrooms – 3376 sqft

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2416 Stonehenge Dr
Edmond, OK 73034
4 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms – 2363 sqft

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309 Hollowdale
Edmond, OK 73003
4 bedrooms – 3.1 bathrooms – 4132 sqft

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