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The year is about to start picking up again and summer will soon come to a close. Life will seem to speed up and days will roll by without hesitation. It seems that there are so many things calling for attention. However, when all is said and done, life isn’t just about work. For us, life is about striving to honor a God who loves us. God is an important part of what makes The RED Team even possible. We have been given so much and we are thankful for the blessing He is to us. God is the only reason we have the ability and knowledge to accomplish anything. We want you as readers to understand what is ultimately important to us. We are so thankful for Jesus and the abundant life He has to offer. We are also truly thankful for our clients who chose to use The RED Team when buying or selling a home! We couldn’t do it without God first and then our clients! We know we neglect telling YOU, our clients, that you are important to us. If you are reading this then you are most likely a friend or past client, but if you have not bought or sold a home with The RED Team, we hope to help you with all of your real estate needs in the future!

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The RED Team is YOUR team!

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It’s almost time to pack up the house and get everything into the moving van. Saying goodbye to YOUR home is a bittersweet feeling. All the little quirks about the house have been fixed and the walls have been repainted. So much effort has gone into getting the house ready for the next family. Now all you need to do is get the house on the market. The RED Team is perfect for your housing needs. We work hard TO HELP YOU PREPARE YOUR HOME TO PUT IT ON THE MARKET and WE love our jobs. Customer satisfaction is extremely important. We are going to try our hardest to get YOU the MOST MONEY FOR YOUR HOME and work out THE details along the way. Our goal is to create as smooth of a process as possible for everyone involved. We care about your needs, we will use our expertise to solve problems and find buyers for your home. The RED Team cares about clients and strives to provide an excellent service. Year to date The RED Team has sold 45 listings in the Edmond and OKC Metro! Call us for all of your real estate needs! We will get the job done!

School and Sports!

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School is about to start! Which also means that sign ups for fall sports are about to begin! Whether it’s the clash of pads or the sound of a ball being spiked over the net. This fall will be an exciting time for the kids to play and parents enjoy the bleachers! One of the best parts about living in Oklahoma is the ability to take advantage of little leagues around town. The RED Team wants to get people involved within the community! It’s our desire to help your family thrive! We want you and your kids to love living in the metro. We want you to use the opportunities the metro has to offer. Here are a few outlets for sports! We took the time to look up a few leagues for multiple sports. The OKLAHOMA ELITE FOOTBALL LEAGUE (ages of 5-11) season will start August 31rst. For soccer we have the NORTH OKLAHOMA CITY FOOTBALL CLUB! (Age ranges 5-19) registration is NOW open until August 23rd! For volleyball you can look up the OKLAHOMA CITY PARKS AND RECREATION (1rst -6th grade) registration ends August 25! There is also a league for toddlers called the Teams4Tots with the EDMOND SOCCER CLUB! The YMCA is also a great place to look for opportunities! These are just a few examples of the many opportunities in Oklahoma! If you feel like moving to get closer to the practice fields give us a call!




Today Is Your Day!

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It’s Monday. There isn’t much to be said about Mondays other than the fact that they can be hard. At the beginning of the week the “to do” list seems to be infinite and the weekend just wasn’t long enough. Honestly, this could be one way to look at Monday or any day for that matter. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut on a Monday morning. So here’s the deal we want to encourage you to look at the bright side of life. Today is the day you can start a fresh workweek and demolish your schedule. You can handle the life set before you. This day is yours to marvel at the beautiful joys life has to offer. The RED Team wants to encourage you to delight in the life that surrounds your day. Whether it’s something as simple as a flower or as complex as a person. Take the time to breath and enjoy them fully. This is your day to take full advantage of the little moments throughout and realize it’s a blessing to breathe and soak in the sunshine. There are so many blessings to be thankful for! If you need any help enjoying the sunshine from a different yard give The RED Team a call!





Tax Free Weekend!

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It’s seven in the morning and the alarm goes off. It’s hard to wake up at first and the struggle to slip down the hallway takes a little effort. You walk in to the kids’ room and wake them up. They have an hour to get ready and grab their school bag.  It’s the first day of school and summer is finally over. This routine will gradually get easier as the school year progresses. However, there are a few things that need to be done before the first day of classes. Each year calls for new items and clothing. Unfortunately that can be expensive. It would seem that the list of school items are large and quite demanding. What is the best way to find good deals? Are there certain stores worth checking out? Who has the best prices for back-to-school supplies? The RED team believes in education and we want to know the best places to search for clothes and back-to-school supplies. Starting today ( 08/07/2015)  is tax free weekend! Do you have any suggestions for us?

H & 8th tonight!

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As you walk down the street, the smell of food dances in the air. Pausing for a brisk moment you begin to breath in the beautiful aroma. However, the scent is a mixture of foods coming from multiple sources. Your stomach jumps with delight at the realization of choice. The decision is hard considering there are so many options at the food truck festival. You bounce back and forth wondering what could be the best choice for dinner. While there may be some hard food choices, one thing is certain. The feel of community at H & 8th and live music create a special atmosphere for anyone to enjoy. Even pets are allowed at the event. H & 8th is a family friendly environment waiting to entertain all who choose to participate. Community is an important part of what makes Oklahoma such a wonderful place to live. The RED Team wants everyone to take full advantage of the opportunities that surround our homes. We encourage community involvement and hope that the experience is well worth it. We love Oklahoma and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Let us know which food trucks are the best! Feel free to call The RED Team with any Questions!



Pest Control!

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The welcoming environment of comfort allows you to relax in your home! As your body learns to bask in the cozy environment you notice something scuttle across the floor. After a quick glance you dismiss the idea of pests and resume the enjoyment of relaxation. Twenty minutes later you see the creature scuttling across the floor again, but this time it’s not just your imagination. The sudden epiphany of sharing your home with termites, spiders, roaches, ants, and mice sends shivers down your spine.   It’s time to get into gear and fix this infestation problem, but how? What methods have you used? Who will you call? Be a pest and bug The RED Team for our personal list of termite and pest control companies. Please comment or call The Red Team with any questions at 405.330.2626!



Lots of possibilities at the Edmond Metropolitan Library!

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A couple weeks ago, I ventured out and took my twin, four year old boys to get Library cards. I was nervous about keeping them quiet, but excited because my boys love books! They had a blast picking out a couple books a piece to bring home! They also loved getting to play on the computers. There are lots options for children and adults, activity wise, at the Metropolitan Library. There are Storytimes, Family Place: 1,2,3 Play With Me, Baby Lapsits, Parachute Play, Child Guidance Parent Talk, Children Reading to Dogs, and Book Clubs. Check out the website for more information at and go to the Edmond Library if you have not been! The librarians are very nice and helpful!


Broadway and 33rd construction!

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It’s always nice to get home after work. It has been a long day and all you want is to get back and relax with the family. The comfortable lazy boy is calling your name and asking for you to take a nap while watching some television. All you need to do is grab your keys, get in your car and drive home. However you may need to find  a better way to get home if you need to take Broadway or 33rd. On July 20th construction was started  at the intersection of Broadway and 33rd. The project is going to cost around 5.1 million. Broadway is going to be reduced to two lanes in each direction. 33rd is going to be reduced down to one lane. Ultimately the hassle of this construction project isto create more space and efficiency for future drivers. Drivers will still have access to all the businesses around but they should be careful when choosing the time of day. The Red Team just wants to make sure everyone knows about upcoming projects in Edmond! Hopefully this information was helpful! If you have any questions about housing feel free to call us!!


Open House!

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