Simple & Easy Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

The best way to help your home sell faster is to make sure you talk to a real estate professional that has experience in the area you live in and knows the market.  Make sure to get a comparative market analysis and discuss with your agent what specific things you can do to your home’s appearance to help it sell quickly.

Here are some suggestions and ideas to improve your homes appearance before putting it on the market.

Throughout the Home:

  • Turn all the lights on, day or night, and install higher wattage light bulbs.    Make sure all light fixtures and light bulbs are cleaned. Doing both of these will create a positive mood and shows your home brightly.
  • Let the sunlight in.  Open draperies & shades.  Make sure the windows are cleaned inside and out.
  • Keep your home dusted and vacuumed at all times.  Replace the carpet if it does not clean up well.
  • Air our your home for a half an hour before showings, if possible.  Lightly spray with air freshener so that it is not over whelming when a buyer walks in.  Make sure to remove all smoke and pet odors.
  • Remove clutter & excess furniture from each room to help the room feel spacious and improve traffic flow.
  • Putty over any holes and blemishes in the walls and paint with a neutral color to brighten the home and make it look larger.
  • Put family photos in storage.

In the Kitchen:

  • Highlight the eat in area with a table set for dinner.
  • Remove small appliances from counters to expand your work space.
  • Place a small dish of vanilla in the microwave 20 minutes before a showing and place it in an out-of-the way place.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms should always be spotless.

In the Bathrooms:

  • Wipe down the shower & tub area after each use.
  • Replace shower curtains and keep them clean.
  • Put our fresh towels.
  • Re-caulk the tube if the caulk if needed.
  • Repair or replace broken tiles.

In the Bedrooms:

  • Depersonalize bedrooms and decorate in a neutral scheme.
  • Make sure the beds are made and the linens are clean.
  • Closets should be organized and remove unnecessary items and put them in storage.


  • Paint exterior entrance doors and clean hardware, knockers, lamps and mailboxes.  Make sure the doorbell is in working order.
  • Fix and paint garage doors if necessary.  Doors should open easily.
  • Put out a new  bright colorful doormat.  Use flowering plants to dress up the yard, walkway, front porch and patio.
  • Keep porches, steps, patios uncluttered and swept.
  • Keep the yard mowed and trim trees and shrubs.
  • Move trash receptacles to an an area that is unseen from the front view of the home.


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