Post Christmas Decorating

I’ll be honest.  I like decorating for Christmas season , but now I am more than ready to declutter the house. The extra home decor can become overwhelming to me.  Here is what I will be doing this weekend to get our home ready for the New Year!


I always feel that urge to organize and declutter after Christmas. This weekend I will be purging, minimizing , organizing and transitioning into winter decor.  So I will go around the house and pack up any Christmas decor that will not work for winter.  I will also donate any thing we no longer use and throw away anything broken.   Less stuff always feels good.

Removing the red berries

Red berries to me scream Christmas.  I will be replacing the red berries with green leafy stems.  If you like the farmhouse look,  magnolia stems work perfectly in the winter.

Add rustic touches

Birch candle holders can be transitioned into winter decor by removing the greenery and red berries for a more subtle look.

Keep the Cozy

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean we need to put away the cozy throws and pillows.  Winter is just starting.  Fur blankets, velvety blankets and  chunky wool  blankets are  all here to stay until Spring.

There are no rules to follow to decorate your home for winter.  It always feels so good to get the house back in order and with a few simple changes you can transform your home from Christmas  to winter decor.

We’d love to hear when you take down your Christmas decor and what you do to decorate for winter.


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