Tell Me Something Good

I was in a real estate class a couple weeks ago and the teacher started talking about how people always ask “how are you?” It is definitely a habit this day in age. We hardly ever ask the question and stop to listen to what they have to say, but we keep walking and could care less what their answer was. The teacher brought up a phrase that one of his friends uses instead of always asking “how are you?” Anytime a person passes by he says, “tell me something good!” What a positive outlook! When we ask “how are you,” do we really want to know if they are having a terrible day? In some cases we honestly do care, but think about hearing positive comments all day long.  I really and truly hope all of you, that are reading this, are having a wonderful day but before you go please post a comment and tell me something good!


As you know, today marks the eighth anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. We ask that you will join us in remembering those brave citizens who gave their lives on that fateful morning. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families who lost someone close to them.

We hope that you will take a moment today to reflect on the things that are most important in your life and remember that through tragedy we have the opportunity to rise even stronger.

Kim and I just teamed up with to better market our properties for sale. Be looking for us more on and if you want your home on there with more information than others, just call us!

We both know the importance of increasing our online marketing in today’s changing marketplace.  And we teamed up with® because they have been tested and proven by thousands of top producing agents across America to help:

–    Reach more buyers for our listings
–    Respond to the demands of seller clients who may ask, “What have you done for me lately”?
–    Secure more listings (including FSBOs and Expireds)
–    Turn our name into a household brand in your chosen community
–    Automate our marketing so you can spend more time with your ready and willing clients

Newspapers, home books and many other forms of print advertising are no longer as effective as they once were at reaching today’s more discerning home buyer. Today’s home buyers require more information about the community, market conditions and homes.  Robust real estate information can primarily only be found online.  Multiple photos, virtual tours, videos, interactive maps, census data and detailed property descriptions cannot be provided in print (no wonder surveys show 87% of buyers go online) and the facts don’t lie.  According to the most recent National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers study:

Buyers are 1,000% more likely to find the home they purchase on the internet than in a newspaper and buyers are 32 times more likely to buy a home found online vs. a home book or magazine.

We are so proud now be on the team!

10 Steps to Happiness

I am a pretty happy person but it sure does sound exciting to be even happier!! Who doesn’t wish they could be happier? Sometimes I think we get into a habit of only letting ourselves shine so much, which in all reality we could adding a little slice of happiness to a person’s life everyday with something as simple as a smile. According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom these are 10 simple steps to becoming happier person.

1.       Plant something and nurture it. Plant something, water it and see how much it grows.

2.       Count your blessings- at least 5- at the end of every day. Write down 5 things you are thankful for every night.

3.       Take time to talk- have an hour long conversation with a loved one each week. Call a family member and really take the time to talk and listen to them.

4.       Phone a friend whom you have not spoken to for a while and arrange to meet up. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and plan a time to meet up.

5.       Give yourself a treat every day and take the time to enjoy it. Reward yourself every day, and take the time to enjoy it!

6.       Have a good laugh at least once a day. Laugh whenever you can, laughter is the best medicine.

7.       Get physical- exercise for half an hour at least three times a week. Get in the habit of exercising at least 3 times a week.

8.       Smile at and/or say hello to a stranger at least once each day. Smile and/or say hello to as many strangers as you can.

9.       Cut your TV viewing by half. Stop watching so much TV.

10.   Spread some kindness- do something good for someone every day. Make it a point to do something good for someone every day. Make their day because it will make yours!

Try to do all 10 of these steps. I challenge you, and I am going to do it too!

 Good Luck, Kiley

87 Days Left

Just a friendly reminder there is approximately 87 days until the 2009 Tax Credit is scheduled to end!
Buyers qualifying for the 2009 Tax Credit must close and fund on the mortgage loan by November 30, 2009.

Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested!

Trip to Austin for Keller Williams Mega Camp

Work trips are usually not very exciting, but with Keller Williams it’s always fun and exciting! Terra and Kim brought me this year to Keller Williams Mega Camp in Austin, Texas. We all attended  meetings and classes, but on top of that there was a Blood, Sweat, and Tears concert, huge exercise groups, dinners with fellow Keller Williams agents,  and motivational speakers. All of the activities made us realize how blessed we really are and how being part of the 3rd largest real estate company in the world is awesome!

Three weeks ago Terra and Kim hired me to be their full time real estate assistant. Since then I have taken over a couple different duties to help make their life less stressful.  Hopefully, I will keep taking over more so they can expand their business and assist their clients better.  I attended a class that focused on all technologies that are available to help realtors reach out to the public.  The explained how important it is to build relationships with strangers, not only to help them in the real estate world, but to add value to their lives in your own personal way.
I am very excited about this new adventure in my life! Hopefully I will learn fast and their business will grow to be even more successful.


Not Enough Time to Exercise

How to Exercise in the Office

Are you too busy to make it to the gym? Do you not have time to exercise  in between work, making  dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, getting the kids ready for bed, making lunches for the next day, doing laundry and all your other activities? Here are 5 tips according to for exercising while you are at your office.

1.    Take the Stairs- Always use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator. You can burn more calories and get your heart pumping for better circulation. You can apply this rule to your everyday life and be burning more calories everywhere you go!
2.    Throw around Your Weights – Put a couple of five pound weights on the corner of your desk. While you are on the phone on or in between paperwork and emails lift the weights. Do a couple sets of 10 or 12 for a good toning exercise.
3.    Walk it Off- On your lunch break take a 10 minute walk. Whether it is down the hall outside your office or down the block from your building, applying this 10 minute walk and it will rejuvenate you for the rest of the day.
4.    Take it to the Mat- Having a mat in the corner of your office will remind you to roll it out and get to work on your body. Do some pushups, sit ups, or even leg lifts to tone your lower body. What better way to work off that carb filled lunch!
5.    POP in a DVD with the Latest Exercise Craze-After your quick lunch or before you head home pop in an instructor led DVD and burn those calories, stretch those muscles, and release all that stress that has built up throughout the day.

2009 B State Bond Program

2009 B State Bond Program coming out on the 25th of August.  They are coming out with two different programs.

One is the standard program with 3.5% down payment assistance with  a 6.10% rate on a 30 year term.  It covers FHA, VA, USDA-Rural  Development, & Section 184 Native American  Loans.

The other is the Oklahoma Tax Advance Credit Loan which it is still  a 6.10% rate on the First Mortgage with NO down  payment assistance, but there is a 2nd Mortgage with a 2% rate and a 60  month term.  The 2nd Mortgage is 6% of the First Mortgage Total Loan  amount or $6000.00 which ever is less.  THIS IS NOT AN ADVANCE OF THE TAX CREDIT SO THEY STILL HAVE THE AVAILABILITY OF GETTING  THE TAX CREDIT AS LONG AS THE PROPERTY IS CLOSED BY 11/30/2009.  This program is only available for FHA insured loans, and the customer must be a First Time Homebuyer even in a targeted  area.  The only advantage I see to this program is it gives you more  assistance if you do not have a seller that is willing to contribute to  paying some of the customers closing cost and prepaids.  On a  $121,500 sale price the 2nd Mortgage Payment is just over $105.00  additional per month, which definitely make it more difficult in  qualifying for the over all First and 2nd  Mortgage.

Ted Clay
WR Starkey Mortgage


New Numbers On the Real Estate Front

Although experts predict it will take time for the economy to fully recover, there has been a lot of encouraging news recently.

*The percentage of first-time buyers dipped to 29 percent as a result of more repeat buyers entering the market, suggesting signs of a return to a more balanced market.
*Americans have shifted into savings and are now putting away a larger portion of their income – so much that the U.S. savings rate has now surpassed that of Canada!
*Home prices edged up almost 4 percent between May and June of 2009, due to repeat buyers purchasing at higher price points, and distressed properties accounting for a smaller percentage of sales (33 percent of sales, compared to 45 percent the month before).

Information gathered from