The Perfect Time to Buy Is Slipping Away…

Homebuyers, first time home buyers in particular, are fixing to miss the best time to buy. In November, last year, there was an abundance of homes on the market and now in Oklahoma those numbers have gone way down.  If you are planning to take advantage of the $8000.00 tax credit you need to have a contract and then close on the house before the end of November. Plus rates at the end of the week were right at 5% on a 30 year mortgage. Time is slipping away. Call today if you are thinking about buying or selling today.

More Project Paybacks…

I have been thinking more about project paybacks this weekend. I agree with Keller Williams Realty when they say the following will help the value of a home.

Think Green–  Better insulation, replacing old windows, and caulking can increase the energy efficiency of the home and can be attractive to buyers.
Add Molding– Crown molding, wider baseboards, and framing doors and widows can be delightful in any home.
Paint Finishes– Faux finishes and accented walls can help your home stand out. Don’t get carried away; pick the color and texture wisely, keeping in mind that you are trying to make your home universally appealing.
Upgrade Floors– Dirty or old flooring can turn buyers away. Consider new carpet, tile, or wood. Refinishing existing flooring or professionally shampooing carpets can bring them back to life.
Outdoor Upgrades– A deck, or even a summer kitchen at certain price points, can add value to your home. The worth of different outdoor amenities varies from place to place, so be sure to get a professional opinion from your local agent before taking on a big project.

Short Sales and Foreclosures

Almost 1 million* new foreclosures have been filed in 2009. New foreclosures are happening daily in homes across the country and right here in Oklahoma. Call today for help if you think you might have a problem making a house payment or have already been contacted by your lender about late payments.

Simple definitions:

Short sales – the seller is late on their payments and can’t afford the payments because of job loss, health problems, or other reasons

Pre foreclosure – the bank has called the seller because the seller has been late on the payments and they are threatening to foreclose on your home

*Center for Responsible Lending

Edmond- Incredible!

Isn’t it great to be in Edmond, America???  We have the most incredible place to live and work.  But, don’t just take my word for it…..NEWSMAX  MAGAZINE recently ranked Edmond, Oklahoma as No. 19 among the top 25 cities and towns that best embrace core American values.  Check it out at <>