The Cute New Trend You’ll See Everywhere Soon

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If you’re here for clothes, sorry this is not about clothing trends. Although, we should talk about that some time. Even if you’re here for fashion, stick around because you’re going to get some serious heart eyes for this precious trend you might’ve seen popping up around Edmond and OKC.

It’s called The Little Free Library and it looks a little bit like a bird house. You won’t find birds but books in these little boxes. The concept is this: take a book, leave a book. The book you return or leave behind is basically your library card in this scenario.

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You can keep them simple like this.

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Or be a little extra like this.

Either way, kids LOVE it! People often wish for the simpler times when neighbors knew each other and all the kids would play together. I don’t have kids of my own but I often hear that things are quite different now and people tend to keep to themselves. This sweet idea has already brought so many people together that would normally not have ever met. Putting up a little free library in your front yard is bound to attract other kiddos and parents. Otherwise, find your nearest little free library and you’ll surely have the owners come out and greet you. If not, you’ll at least have a great new book to read!

If you have your own little free library, we’d love to hear about it or see a photo!

Amazing Open House Opportunities This Weekend!

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Tired of the cold weather and rain? We’ve got great news for you- there are four open houses happening this Sunday and it should be sunny! Bright Sundays and open houses go together like peanut butter and jelly! You won’t want to miss such a beautiful combo so be sure to swing by any of these amazing listings this weekend! If you’d like more information please don’t hesitate to contact The RED Team at Keller Williams at 405.474.4242 or comment below!

604 Buckingham Way
13200 Englewood Ln.
709 Falling Sky
3240 Farmers Market Way

Take Advantage Of This Huge Price Cut!

ALERT: Major price cut on this beautiful Edmond home!! You won’t find such a great deal on such a lovely interior with abundant natural light, well maintained and fenced backyard, and prime location anywhere else! As well as the $5,000 drop in price, the seller is offering a $2,000 flooring allowance! If you’re interested in this incredible buy leave  a comment for The RED Team at Keller Williams or contact us at 405.330.2626 for more information!

Brief Synopsis Of The Week’s Economic News And How It Affects Real Estate and Rates

Sellers see home profits surge to decade high
Homeowners who made a sale in the last three months of 2017 saw their return on investment hit an average 28.8%.

ATTOM Data Solutions’ Home Sales Report shows that the average profit of $54,000 made by sellers was the highest since the third quarter of 2007; and increased from $53,732 in the previous quarter and from $47,133 in the fourth quarter of 2016.

“It’s the most profitable time to sell a home in more than 10 years yet homeowners are staying put longer than we’ve ever seen,” said Daren Blomquist, senior vice president at ATTOM Data Solutions. “While home sellers on the West Coast are realizing the biggest profits, rapid home price appreciation in red state markets is rivaling that of the high-flying coastal markets and producing sizable profits for home sellers in those middle-American markets as well.”

Profit in this market almost doubled 

Sellers in San Jose saw the largest return on their investment (90.9%) but there were also large gains for other Californian markets: San Francisco (73.3%), Merced (64.6%) and Santa Cruz (59.8%).

Seattle was the only metro outside California to make the top 5 for ROI. Sellers there averaged a 64.4% return.

“The biggest story for the greater Seattle housing market in 2017 was persistently low inventory levels which continued to push home prices higher,” said Matthew Gardner, chief economist at Windermere Real Estate, covering the Seattle market.

US median home price at record high

The US median home price in 2017 was $235,000, up 8.3% from 2016 and setting a new all-time high. Annual home price appreciation in 2017 slowed slightly compared to the 8.5% in 2016.

Ocala, Florida (14.3%); Kansas City, Missouri (13.4%); San Jose, California (13.3%); Salem, Oregon (12.9%); and Nashville, Tennessee (12.5%) were all among the cities with the largest price increases.


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Game Plan, Anyone?

We’re already in the ninth month of the year 2017! My, how time flies! As you sit down to discuss your family plans this fall, keep us in mind as your personal real estate professionals. If at some point in the future you have a question regarding buying or selling a home – we would be happy to help!

Did you know?

Interest rates are STILL at an all-time low and the housing market continues to move along here in the OKC metro! Give us a call and we can prepare a Market Analysis on the value of your home, and also give you an idea of the time it will take to get your home SOLD!

What Sells Your Home?


Have you ever wondered what encourages home sales the most? Sure, maybe some of the figures below don’t come as a surprise, like Internet/Social Media, but it’s important to see the statistics in order to give your home the best chances at selling in the shortest amount of time possible!

Many still consider print ads as an option, but as you can see, 1% of homes sold are due to listings printed in newspapers and magazines. Another one that might come as a surprise is the small amount of homes sold through open houses or directly from the seller. With the popularity of these two ideas, you might assume a higher percentage.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the two largest pieces of the pie. A total of 77% of homes are sold through a realtor and through advertising on the internet. That’s a huge percentage! If you’re considering selling your home at some point in the future, consider these statistics and feel free to use us as a resource for any questions you have. In such a competitive market, you need the best tools, resources, and real estate professionals making sure your home gets the exposure it needs! Give us a call today!

13 Staging Tips For Your Home

Home Staging. Just more time and money for the seller, right? Actually, the opposite could not be more true. Research has shown that staging your home before showing can grow the average sale value of your home anywhere from 1 to 5% (think about it! For a $250,000 home, that’s a $12,500 increase!)  When you look at those numbers, it suddenly makes the smaller expenses much more worth it. With that in mind, here are a few ways to stage your home so you can reap the benefits, without breaking the bank!

the Bedrooms-

  • Keep it simple- Remove unnecessary furniture from the bedroom. “Bedrooms need to send a signal of relaxation and comfort, not where you’re doing your work, not where you’re storing everything,” says designer Monica Pedersen.
  • Neutralize- So let’s say that you just love the ocean and anything to do with the ocean.  You have anchor pillows, lighthouse lamps, and wood from a actual pirate ship for a headboard. It’s probably a good idea to simplify your theme unless you’re buyer is Blackbeard. Along with this, make sure you stick to one color scheme. The simpler it is, the easier it is for your buyer to see all the possibilities.
  • Hide your personal keepsakes- While your pictures of your children are indeed adorable, it does make it tough for another family to see themselves in your home. Go ahead and store those personal items away until you’ve cleared up a wall or table in your new place.
  • Empty out half of your closet- This one’s pretty simple. With less “stuff” taking up space, it makes your closets seem much larger.

the Kitchen-

  • Update the hardware- One of the quickest (and most inexpensive) ways to give your your kitchen a face life is to change out hardware on your cabinets. New hinges and knobs make them feel brand new. If the cabinets are dirty, make sure to give them a scrub. If they are scuffed, a fresh coat of paint might be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Update the appliances too- A huge draw for kitchens today are new appliances. They look nicer, liven up your cabinets and floors, and make a kitchen feel cutting edge. These are sure to boost the curb appeal of your home and you’ll see that spending a little money will make you even more.
  • Clean out and organize your cabinets- When potential buyers look through your home, they will go through almost everything. This includes your kitchen cabinets, so make sure to clean them up and out. The more empty and organized they are, the bigger they look.

the Living Room-

  • Arrange the furniture- Many people think they need to scream to potential buyers, “Look how much space is here!” To do so, they shove all the furniture to their walls in an attempt to maximize the space. It actually achieves the opposite. Arrange your furniture into cozy conversational groups to improve the flow of the house, and to make the room feel bigger and more accessible.
  • Accentuate Built-Ins- Buyers love built-in bookshelves, but there’s a fine line between filling them with clutter and staging them to sell. The trick is to arrange neutral items in clusters. Make sure that no single accessory stands out too much. That way, you’ll show off your attractive built-ins, and not your personal belongings.
  • Make it inviting- The living room/foyer is usually the first thing a buyer will walk into when entering your home. Make sure to make it warm and inviting by giving it lots of natural lighting and making sure it feels open and spacious.

a Few General Tips-

  • Replace your burned out bulbs- The more light you have in a room, natural or artificial, the larger it feels. Also, stick to traditional bulbs. CFG bulbs (the twisty ones) usually put off an unnatural light.
  • Stage your rooms with one purpose- Your combo office/yoga studio/spare bedroom is an awesome room, and we realize that! However, to potential buyers it may say that you don’t have enough space in your home and you need to combine rooms to meet your needs.
  • Smell your home- Go ahead. Take a big whiff. Smells are one of the big make it or break it moments for a first impression during a showing. If you smell pet odors or food in the garbage disposal, make sure you get rid of it before a viewing! One of my favorite tricks- Take 2 caps of vanilla extract and put it in the oven at 300° for 1 hour. It will make your home smell better than the kitchen at Eileen’s Cookies! You can also use this trick with your favorite essential oils!

Staging your home can be one of the most lucrative things you can do while looking for a buyer. It’s an easy way to make sure your home gets the attention it deserves. If you need some help staging your own home, give us a call today and we’ll make sure your home is in tip top shape for your buyers!

-Kim, Terra, and Kiley

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